Ma$$ Dial3ct


The story begins in Madison Park High School in Boston, Massachusetts. The year is 1999. In the back of a large class room, that's where hip hop started for me. Free-styling over ringtones, the radio, beat boxers, and even hands rhythmically banging off of tables. I developed a reputation for quick punch lines and smooth delivery. By catching the attention of other rappers I was given the nickname, "Finess". Many trials and errors led me to build my first project studio. Obstacles began to present themselves in the years to come. I was on a downward spiral. With nothing left to lose, I took every dollar I could scrape together and built a better quality studio. In the years to come I would record with names like "Bomshot" of the "Wu Tang Killa Bee's", Jagha T & Grammy Nominated Tony Sunshine formerly of Terror Squad. Local success gained me notoriety. So close, yet so far. As a solo artist with sights set on the future, I set out to re-establish myself. "Finess" is dead, Ma$$-Dial3ct is born. 

"Music changed my life, and my fans give it meaning."

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